2020 New recommendation - waterproof outdoor Uplights
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2020 New recommendation - waterproof outdoor Uplights

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Update time : 2020-03-09 15:00:52
Bothlighting is a uplighting manufacturer offering elegant event lighting for wedding receptions. Our lighting designers use state-of-the-art, remote-controlled, battery-powered, wireless LED outdoor uplighting to transform your event venue from ordinary to extraordinary!
wireless uplighting

4*18w waterproof outdoor Uplights
Our has powerful outdoor new generation 4*18w waterproof  LED up lights to give your next event that extra touch to impress your guests. With Wifi (phone App) IOS or Android, 2.4G wireless dmx,DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound active, IR remote control,Automatic model color change, color strobe, color dimmer, color gradual change/color jump change, Colours are over 16 million variations and include the ever-popular amber and even UV for neon effect or for a white party.

wireless uplighting

RGBAW+UV uplighting can create a wide range of colors with Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White & Ultra Violet and any combination of colors that can be mixed together.  Want White, Amber, Candlelight, Robin Egg Blue, Mint Green or another custom color? I can achieve virtually any color that you can think of.

Why choose it?
1.Highlighting vertical elements
Outdoor uplights incorporate strokes of light that spring from the floor to highlight vertical elements. These outdoor uplights can be installed into artifical elements like columns or porticoes, or completely natural surfaces, like tree trunks. Moreover, as these devices are ground-recessed, during the day, the outdoor uplight simply disappears into the context that surrounds it.
Being that our uplighting is wireless, you never have to worry about long runs of wiring around your room, taped down with unsightly black tape and best yet, NO TRIPPING HAZARDS.  Short on electrical outlets? Tent Wedding? No problem!  Since our uplighting is wireless, you don’t need to plug them into an electrical outlet and they can be placed virtually anywhere to create that WOW factor!

  wireless led wall washer light  
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