3 reasons to use this smart dj s6 Uplighting at the wedding
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3 reasons to use this smart dj s6 Uplighting at the wedding

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Update time : 2019-08-22 17:57:02

In the wedding,LED lighting in the DJ industry gave us the awesome power of really illuminating an entire room. LED lighting uses very little electricity so power concerns are minimized for the client. Another big difference in LED lighting and traditional incandescent fixtures is heat. LED fixtures put off little to no heat which means the fixtures can be on the ground and not burn your guests. Safety First!

choose this 18w uplighting, is it a good idea!
1.This kind battery powered led par can,Built in 2.4G receiver/ transmitter for wireless DMX operations,LCD display with 4 button menu for easy operate,one bracket for hung on the truss with battery indicators and 4 show gride on the light wireless dmx512 singal indicator on the light ,it have base and can be adjustable.

2.High brightness rgbwa uv led with smooth color mixing,with mini and good appearance.Use led with red , green , blue , white amber and purple colors, also with millions combination of color mixing.

  1. Mostly use in Wedding , Party , Concert , Disco , Bar , Show ,Building decorative and so on

So what enhancements can a bride expect from using uplighting and why is it a good idea? Here are 3 reasons to use uplighting:
1.It helps to illuminate the room and boost the decor’s visibility. It can enhance the appearance of draping and floral design. Draping and Floral design are a major investment for a bride and it makes sense to make sure it is as impactful as possible.
2.In a low lighting environment, Uplighting and other techniques can be used to increase the venue’s architectural features.
3.Your wedding will affect all of your guest’s senses. The amazing food you will serve them, will treat their sense of hearing. The incredible flower arrangements will attend to everyone’s sense of smell. We promise to dazzle their sense of sight with dynamic uplighting. Finally, the sense of touch will be filled with one thousand hugs, hand shakes, and high fives of your joyous family and friends. Life is beautiful!
BOTHLIGHTING mission is to create customer-driven solutions in the world of professional lighting. We are passionately dedicated to delivering high performance lighting products worldwide at unparalleled value with our industry capability and professional experiences in manufacturing and oversea- sales service and support.Our main product is battery led par light, stage par light, moving head light,led dance floor.

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