36X10W moving head zoom wash entertainment lights
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36X10W moving head zoom wash entertainment lights

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Update time : 2020-04-01 18:19:54
High-quality led moving head light, 10w 4in1 wash,to achieve a uniform color mixing effect, light long life, low energy consumption.

This light control mode is Master/slave, Sound active,Auto and DMX,these modes, if you want to change, change from the rhythm of music, the flashing and discoloration caused by the sound of the scene, the automatic program function jumps, and all the light effects of the scene are more cool and effective by the console.
The fuselage has high rigidity, fast heat dissipation and good corrosion resistance, the fan automatically adjusts the speed, and the fan can automatically adjust the speed according to the temperature change of the body, which is beneficial to the overall heat dissipation and operation of the machine.
Featuring the excellent smooth dimming from 0 to 100% optimizes the performance of creating a different atmosphere to meet the corresponding background and context required as well as bringing absolutely new visual feast. Equipped with variable speed strobe effects make the stage alive and more energetic than ever before.

The multi-beam dynamic effects will attract everyone's attention once it starts work. Light effects, multiple colors, automatic switching, brilliant brightness. Promise rotation, full-angle space dyeing, on-site rocking and dyeing space sense, good quality and good quality will naturally have a good effect, showing the classic on the stage. Made of fine materials, beautiful and durable, stylish, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, quality verification. Meanwhile, ideal operating environments range from bars and pubs, clubs, discos, mobile DJs and private parties and more.


we are a manufacturer of professional entertainment and stage LED lighting equipment, was founded in 2011, Over the past ten years, Has become one of the largest and most professional entertainment and stage LED lighting manufacturers in the market.

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