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Up-lighting is an incredibly effective lighting concept because it allows you to turn the house lights down without it being too dark; add to your theme by incorporating colored light instead of standard halogen fixtures; and adds a beautiful glow to any pictures taken during the event.

Battery Operated Wireless Uplighting or decor lighting is the hot trend in event decorating. Over 90% of our clients book uplighting for their event.  This will transform the room of your event into a whole new realm. It's amazing what uplighting can do a room!  As the sun sets the uplighting takes over the room and causes a mood changing effect or you can go from one color for your first dance thru dinner, then when dancing starts we can have the room fade and change thru colors to bring fun and energy to the event. Photographers also love this as it adds colors to your wedding or photos. our 12*18w uplighting fixtures are wireless controlled battery operated. You will never see ugly wires or cords around the room. Also being battery operated fixtures which allows us to place lighting in places without power nearby.  Uplighting can be booked with or without DJ Services. We use the latest, brightest and best quality professional led lighting fixtures  which offer vibrant colors without taking up a lot of space. Our lights allow us to create almost any color by using high powered Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber & UV Led's.

1. Rich colors and pastels with RGBWA UV and amber color led chips, Wirelessly linkable 2.4 with other Freedom fixtures for a coordinated light show. A completely wireless control option integrated 2.4 Dmx wireless system and battery system, made easier while operating.

2.18000MHA 12 Lens RGBWA-UV Battery Powered Wireless DMX LED Flat Par with WIFI Remote control, product internal wifi and remote control, no need for wiring, no cumbersome, no need to connect the power cord, the signal is full, eliminating the cumbersome stage show wiring. Support DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound active, wireless DMX, among them are automatic models, by function button, including color change, color strobe, color dimmer, color gradual change/color jump change.

3. High-brightness beading, high-quality lamp beads, while improving quality, make the color more uniform and richer, good temperature resistance, used in wedding arrangements to create a fantastic wedding scene.
4. The LCD display interface is clearer and the operation is smoother,16.7 million kinds of color changes, giving people a visual enjoyment, create a stage classic, colorful, stable, and durable, suitable for KTV, performances, weddings, etc.
5. Charging for 5 hours once fully charged, after full charge, single color lasts for 16 hours, gradual change Colors last for 10 hours, all Colors last for 4.5 hours.


Whether you’re planning an elegant gala or just need some color to spice up your next event, It adds a touch of class and can set your event apart. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have about this!

  wireless led wall washer light  
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