About battery par light Everything You Need To Know
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About battery par light Everything You Need To Know

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Update time : 2019-11-11 11:46:02
Wedding entertainment is an intensely competitive marketplace. Not only are brides and grooms shopping for the best bang for their buck, but vendors are undercutting one another and providing crossover services just to get in the game. battery par light is a relatively new service to weddings, the market quickly became saturated with a range of products (and people providing them) to brides and grooms looking to enhance their weddings.

Are you looking to light up the outside? Our par light also has a waterproof effect. This par can light illuminate a building or structure and definitely change the mood of your wedding.

battery Par Lights are made of high-quality materials using the latest technology for different kinds of usage. Our range of Par Can Lights is used in LED Stage lightings, DJ Lightings, wedding parties, etc. we have different types of LED Par Cans for different types of applications. This is 6*18W waterproof battery par light.
1.72 Watt Superpower - Powerful LED Par fixture with 18-Watt for each Smooth Color Mixing - With a 25-degree beam angle, produce long-distance stage lighting effects,Professional Features -6/10CH DMX modes, IR Remote Easy Control - compatible with IR remote controller as well as any standard DMX512 control system, wireless control and Battery lasting time :All LEDs bright ≈4 hours , Auto running mode ≈ 8-9 Hours,single colors ≈ 20 Hours, these are great. Just set them where you like and turn them on prior to the event starting. These will give you endless hours of light flexible Design - Makes it ideal and equally suited to stage lighting, and uplighting for the wedding.
led par light
2. RGBAWUV LED light is made up of Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, & UV LED’s,This however, does not mean it can only make these 6 colors. Modern LED lights are complex and can mix colors inside the fixture. A little bit of red, and a little bit of blue, and now you’ve got purple! That internal mixing of color, allows the lights to produce a wide variety of output colors, just from those 6 base colors.  The other notable difference between our LED lights and some others is that the lights we use do all the “color mixing” inside the lens.  that means that the color that comes out of the light is accurate and true.
3.Suitable for discotheques, clubs, bars, parties, mobile DJs, concerts and so on.


We also have other best selling battery uplighter&battery led par light,We have professionals to solve it for you, please contact us by email.
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