BOTHLIGHTING Introduces New Moving Head Light -- BO-MH203
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BOTHLIGHTING Introduces New Moving Head Light -- BO-MH203

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Update time : 2019-11-25 11:03:10
BOTH LIGHTING a manufacturer of professional entertainment and stage LED lighting equipment, has announced the new energy-efficient BO-MH203 moving head light, which combines the latest LED technology with excellent optics and great features.

By connecting BO-MH203 to a 15 channel DMX 512 control, users are able to manually control the wide-ranging functions of this LED moving head light. Alongside the DMX mode, the other operation modes of include master/slave and sound active. The built-in programs of the master/slave operation mode offer users the option of automatizing the light to react to background music in combination with other light sources. Similarly, sound active mode is designed to change lights and movements based on sound.

80W moving head light has smooth 0-100% dimming as well as variable strobe speeds, Strobe: 0-13 times/sec, and random strobe and pulse strobe, which enable this moving head light to be utilized to create just the right atmosphere with exactly the desired multi-color options, angles and shapes.

The moving head light includes Pattern plate: 17 patterns + white circle, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function Prism: 8 prisms and 16 prisms.

You can use moving lights to create a variety of lighting looks.  Moving lights will look the most interesting in the haze, creating large beams in the air, made even more interesting with gobos.  Mixing wash and spot units allow you to bring greater complexity to your looks.  By using focus positions, or pallets, you can vary the look on stage greatly with simple programming.

This 80W moving head light, designed for use in bars, clubs, concerts or the theater, is the latest addition to the wide selection of Bothlighting specialized entertainment and stage lighting products.  


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