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Update time : 2020-03-23 11:48:01
IP65 Waterproof 18*18W 6 IN 1 LED PAR perfect for special events.

Full-color RGBW 4in1/RGBWA 5in1/RGBWAP 6in1 LED par light: Super Strong Color Quality, Excellent Cost Performance, Are you still using the ordinary LED par light? Have you ever met the poor lighting effect when it was used to play as front light? Are you still thinking about buying another surface light? choose our led par light, RGBW 4in1/RGBWA 5in1/RGBWAP 6in1 LED par light. Red, green, blue, white, amber, purple. Gather the coloration and front light in one together. Super strong color quality, excellent cost.

1.18X18w waterproof IP65 LED Par light is Aluminium alloy shell, High-quality sealant seals are used at each juncture,Never worry about water leaks.
2. It features excellent color mixing, quiet running, and flicker-free control, it also features optimum optic design integrated with extremely effective aluminum heat sink system, this is designed for applications as large scale concerts, TV studio, indoor architectural lighting, etc.
3. The shell heat design adopts the blade type, which increases the surface area of the shell, which is more conducive to heat dissipation so that the lamp bead has a longer service life.
4. is It is a true waterproof design, waterproof grade is IP65, Both the signal line and the power cord are waterproof, When many are used together, you can connect it in series. When it rains, you can use it normally and you don't need to cover it with a tarp, You can even use it directly in the water when you design the music fountain.
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