Looking for that perfect stand out effect for your event? Follow us!
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Looking for that perfect stand out effect for your event? Follow us!

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Update time : 2019-08-30 18:30:59
In the event likes to keep guests dancing on nothing but the best high-end LED dance floors. Made up of 50 *50*7cm squares, the floor can be configured and customized to any shape.

Incorporate the latest induction effect, the interactive and entertainment into one.50 *50*7cm Infinity Mirror 3D dance floor high brightness LED lamp beads; using the wireless dmx control/dmx control operation or stand-alone software control operation to achieve the desired effect of customers; and with audio controls.
the chassis used as a base of high-strength iron, acrylic sheet for the panel, the entire lamp body, slim, sophisticated, high-end, beautiful, generous; the fixed base connection installation: Simple, convenient and fast, smooth.

When it arrives at a dance floor panel, there are honestly so many distinct kinds and colors obtainable and they even have interactive dance floor panels! So there is totally no way that you cannot come across something to your liking or that can at least fit in with your night club decor. No matter if you are seeking red, purple, blue or even vivid white dance floor panels, there are all sorts of distinct ones! One of the funkiest things regarding these panels is that you do not have to choose just one shade; it is possible to choose all sorts of distinct colors!


The event lighting keeps the floor glowing and guests dancing all night. Clients and industry partners often call upon in the event to take their event to the next level with this dance floor. Its ability to be customized to any size lets us use it for any event. Recently we made a 3D dance floor that was made special by keeping the kids’ active and dancing. From hotel ballrooms, outdoor lawn parties, personal residences, to warehouses and conference halls, this floor brings the party.
Whether you’re hosting a private party, corporate event, or product display, we’ve yet to see an event that could do without one of our custom LED modules. Whatever space, our event planners can build your dance floor to fit your venue and we can always alter light colors and patterns to fit right in with your theme!
LED illuminated dance floors are very popular and a great way to make your party stand out, and be memorable. If you have a venue, lounge or nightclub then lighting up your event, wedding or party is a fun and unique way to make you memorable in a New York City fashion.

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