New product ---- RGBWA + UV wireless dmx Battery Wash uplight
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New product ---- RGBWA + UV wireless dmx Battery Wash uplight

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Update time : 2020-03-17 16:03:19
Lighting is an elegant and creative way to make a big impact on your room’s decor. It adds warmth and ambiance to your space while highlighting the natural architecture. The end result is a beautiful look that’s elegant and classy for dinner, and during the dance set the color patterns add energy and excitement for a total party experience.

Our state-of-the-art wireless dmx Battery Wash uplights are battery powered and can be placed anywhere based upon your venue’s unique layout. wireless dmx Battery Wash uplights are one of the most common lighting effects used for events such as weddings, discos, parties and corporate events. Now having a wireless dmx Battery Wash uplights option has also made it even more popular and flexible giving your venue a complete makeover.
Using wireless dmx Battery Wash uplights is beneficial as there is no cable what so ever. This means they can be set up anywhere in your venue without having to worry about the mains power. We think that is pretty amazing, don't you?
have you seen our 12x18W RGBWA+UV wireless dmx Battery Wash uplights with WIFI Remote control?
Blacklights with 18-watt high-output for the ultraviolet wash. 2.4G WDMX, IR remote, DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound, RGBWA UV multiple mixing emitting colors,6 / 10 CHs Perfect Match up with 2.4 Wireless DMX 512 Transmitter, Classic UV black light effects bar Lightweight, portable unit, totally plug&play. Easy control by on/off switch, high power ultraviolet light unit. Create stunning atmospheres at gigs or parties, works great with UV body paints & fluorescent.

lights for parties - Total 18W 6LEDs for each uv led bulbs, light up your party 10x10ft area, And wide voltage 110v-250v, more stable and long working time. lightweight and portable unit, set up easily. And its aluminum alloy casing, Easy position - With 360°Adjustable brackets, easy install at T-bar, on the wall and floor. The Best light glow party supplies, work great with your any stage lights, birthday, wedding party festivals, art exhibits, plays, and other cultural activities and Halloween celebration.

  wireless led wall washer light  
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