Up Lighting. Why you should have it on your Wedding Day!
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Up Lighting. Why you should have it on your Wedding Day!

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Update time : 2019-08-12 11:00:42
Up-Lighting is the most popular lighting used at wedding receptions this year. It is called Up-Lighting because it refers to the direction the light is projected onto the wall. We place 20 to 30 very bright LED battery powered up-lights around the perimeter of the room shining up on the walls. The lights are pointed up so the corresponding beams of light highlight the wall and project upward toward the ceiling.

Have you ever gone to an outdoor event and stumbled around in the dim lighting? Or maybe you’ve attended a function and it was so bright that the venue seemed plain and cold.
Proper lighting can lead to some pretty magical results. Great lighting sets the right mood and creates an ambiance of pristine beauty and elegance for any event, from grand company celebrations to intimate weddings!
Choose 6X18W RGBWA+UV 6 IN 1 Battery Power Wireless DMX LED uplighting,Enhance your wedding event space with the best indoor lighting options, backdrops and uplighting rentals from BOTHLIGHTING.

18 Watt Superpower - Powerful LED Par fixture, Great uplighting provide the best heat dissipation by quite cooling fan to keep a constant temperature, long time working with high quality. It can decorate your romatic wedding or party,increase atmosphere in our show.Static Color / Color Changing / Color Fade / Color combination / Sound active / Master-Slave / DMX/Strobe/Jump. Speed and Sound Sensitivity are Adjusted.These up lighting come with RF remote controls and clear manual, both professional Dj fans and non-professional person could use it without any pressure.

Each led is 18W, allows 6in 1 Red / Green / Blue /Amber/ White LED Par Can Light.Smooth RGBWA+UV color mixing stage light effect, which will bring you a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Suitable for discotheques, clubs, bars, parties, mobile DJs, concerts and wedding so on.increase the atmosphere in our show

At BOTH LIGHTING, we offer a variety of lighting options for any type of event. You can choose from our 6X18W RGBWA+UV 6 IN 1 Battery Power Wireless DMX LED uplighting to create the perfect ambiance and mood for your guests whether you’re planning a grand corporate event or an intimate, romantic wedding. These can be combined with other décor options available right here.

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