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Welcome to order our Event Dance Floors – BOTH LIGHTING supplier of the highest quality dance floors to bring elegance and class to your event. We cater for all events including Weddings, Corporate Functions, Special Events and much more. We are proud to offer you an unparalleled selection of the best dance floors together with a customer service that is second to none.

Choose from our selection of superior quality floors to work alongside your theme or room decor. Whether you need a dance floor for a small wedding or a large celebration Event Dance Floors have you covered. We are proud to be currently offering our exceptional dance floor,

When you think about how important flowers are to the look of your ceremony and reception, know that lighting is that important to the wow of your dance floor.See Videos Of Some Of Our Lighting Below. Room and dance floor lighting is probably the area where you can spend the least while getting the most value. Show your family and friends how much you care about their enjoyment at your wedding the instant they walk into your reception environment. Click Here For Low Lying Fog Video Professional lighting on your wedding reception dance floor is one of the most important suggestions we can make as professionals. You won't be disappointed!
We take all your events to the next level with custom, high-quality dance floors and floor coverings. We bring you china finest selection of dance floors that offer excellent shock absorption, slip resistance, sound reduction, and stability. At Event Dance Floors we specialize in providing the perfect backdrop for your event.

led dance floor
Dance floor features:
1.Strong signal protection.
2. Non-slip.
3. Intelligent temperature control protection
4. The product has passed the certification CE.ROHS  
5.Suit for a variety of hotels, entertainment, theater, stage, concerts, large-scale programs

led dance floor
If you are planning a wedding checklist, EVENT DANCE FLOOR should be on it! Our led dance floor is elegant, soft in color and the latest in LED technology.  As you can see in our pictures and this wedding video, these are our most popular colors used, but we have many others to choose from. can adapt our uplighting to your color choices according to your color scheme.  These up lights are used evenly spread throughout the room to make for a memorable moment to last a lifetime.  Wedding lighting, DJ lighting, Event lighting, sweet sixteen lightings, etc. we can do up lights for every occasion.

  wireless led wall washer light  
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