What Is UpLighting At A Wedding? Do You Really Need Wedding Up-Lighting?
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What Is UpLighting At A Wedding? Do You Really Need Wedding Up-Lighting?

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Update time : 2019-09-21 10:46:41
Uplighting is a way to accent the architecture in your wedding ballroom, barn or outside your wedding venue. Uplighting should not be confused with dance floor lighting. Dance floor lighting typically moves and changes base on the music and is pointed mainly at the dance floor.
Up-lighting also should not be confused with venue room lighting which is mainly used to brighten up the venue v. add color like uplighting is used for. There are some wedding venues in Connecticut that have tried to put in their own built-in uplighting, but they are usually poorly placed within the room and use older technology.
Think of up-lighting as a way to bring in your wedding colors or accent those colors within your room decor. If the bridesmaid dresses are blue, then maybe a complementary color like yellow on the walls will work for your wedding uplighting.
Choose our 6*18w Battery Power Wireless uplighting.

1.Battery-powered lighting, a 100% TRUE wireless battery-operated Par with 2.4 built-in wireless technology. Harness the color-mixing power of this versatile fixture with six quad-color (RGBWA UV) LEDs, including genuine amber, right from any smartphone or tablet--no additional hardware needed! Control directly from a smartphone. Generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural-looking color temperatures with punchy amber LEDs, Generate eye-catching effects with sound-activated and automated programs. 
2. The flat par wash fixture has Red, Green, Blue, Amber/White & UV colors


3.Suitable for discotheques, clubs, bars, parties, mobile DJs, concerts and so on


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