Special Effect Uplight - RGBA Tri Beam LED wall washer
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Special Effect Uplight - RGBA Tri Beam LED wall washer

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Update time : 2021-08-31 15:44:00
RGBA Tri Beam
The RGBA tri beam uplight is a different up-light effect to create some amazing ambiance. The tri beam model gives a very modern feel to event lighting. 

The tri beam uplight has 3leds, 10w each. Red, green, blue, amber colour mixing. It would irradiate three-beam up-light, which looks like a beautiful flower. It built-in 2.4G wireless dmx, you can operate it by auto, master and slave,dmx 512 ,sound active mode, very convenient. And the head is also adjustable,can change the beam,high and wide. 

Because it is a special effect uplight, which will not illuminate a large area of the wall like other wall washers. It increases the interest of the event site and attracts attention. Most of Djs will use it to decorate their dj booth or wall, such as this:

It is perfect for wedding ,events,mobile dj ,stage ,party etc,. If you do a wedding event, you can set it as static color to decorate the wall, which look like a flower. And if you do a party, you can set is as sound mode or auto, it would change the color with the music and can show different feeling.
Whatever, if you need some uplights to decorate a small area, you can consider this beam up-lights, no need much, just need 2-4units, can add color to your event.

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