USA Project - 20pcs LED PAR + 4pcs LED Profile Spotlight
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USA Project - 20pcs LED PAR + 4pcs LED Profile Spotlight

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Update time : 2022-04-12 22:11:44
USA Project - 20pcs LED PAR + 4pcs LED Profile Spotlight

More cost-effective, but Brighter, and longer lifetime Par Light!

24X18W LED PAR HEX Par Light is a super-versatile par can lighting effect that comes equipped with 24x18w 6-in-1 LEDs that give you RGBAW+UV colours. It is lighter and small in size. It is good for the color mixing effects. It has many functions, low noise, and no flicker. This product has 2 option channel modes, 6CH and 10CH. It can apply to indoor places, concerts, weddings, flow performances, stages, bars and so on.

The par light is a high precision aluminium case, the chassis is very textured. And its digital display with menu buttons allows you to navigate the various settings and operational modes. A PowerCON in/output will enable you to link multiple units together for synchronized light shows and shared power, so you only need to use one power outlet to power up to six Hex lighting effects. The par can come with the flicker-free operation which
means when filming or taking pictures with the lights there will be no flickers that ruin your photos.

The par light allows you to achieve a variety of vibrant colours that will perfectly wash a wall, ceiling, or a feature you wish to illuminate. The lighting effect comes with a range of operational modes including static colour mode, DMX control mode for creating your own light shows, sound active mode, jumping mode, gradual, and mutation model. you also can selectable dimming curves to adjust the intensity of the light between 0 – 100% while a pulse and strobe effect let you create a cool flashing effect that is sure to amaze your audience.

Longer lifetime increased brightness! Get more light, and better colours by choosing a BOTH Lighting LED stage lights today.

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