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Wedding Atmosphere Partner

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Update time : 2022-07-05 15:35:55
Wedding Atmosphere Partner

Firework machines and smoke machines are a group of common wedding combinations. Firework machines can bring unforgettable memory to your surprise moment, and smoke machines can bring a surprise effect to your whole wedding event.

Our special sparkular are perfect for weddings, parties, or any event that requires a big ‘wow’ factor moment. Think wedding entrance, cutting of the cake, first dance. We can create a magical display and a truly memorable atmosphere on your special day.

Our Sparkular machines produce the look and effect of fireworks but they are non-hazardous and safe to use indoors. The sparkler machine produces cold sparks which do not catch fire. There’s very little smoke and no heat. Even it is safe to touch.

It is easy to control, you can use the remote control provided with the machine, you can control the duration of the effect with a simple start/stop remote, or use it to create various firework effectssuch as Single auto effect, Round auto effect, Double direction auto effect, Flowing effect, Refresh effect, and Double direction refresh effect...

we have invested in battery packs for our Sparkulars so there are no power cords. if you have enough budget, highly recommend our battery pack for you, which can eliminate potential tripping hazard for you and your guests and helps to maintain a safe environment.
The water lying low fog machine is a water base DMX512 stage effect low lying water fog smoke machine, instead of traditional Dry Ice Machine and Low Lying Fog Machine, it is no need to add Dry Ice or too much Fog Liquid, the Main Fuel is Water !!!

Perfect for weddings or any special event, the machine creat a cold flow cloud effect that will cast a layer of fog across the dance floor, stage or designated area to create a truly beautiful atmosphere. It produces a thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This powerful machine can heat enough water, and you just need to add 1L fog liquid, which can let it work 1hours! very low fuel consumption.
It is suitable for stage, Disco, bars, KTV, nightclubs, theatre, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor performances.
Do you wanted to create a phenomenal indoor fireworks display without the fireworks risk?
Contact us, we can provide the quality sparkulars (special effects) & Fog machine for your event!

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