Why choose a dj uplighting?
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Why choose a dj uplighting?

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Update time : 2020-03-02 10:36:25
Looking to add to your event decor or to transform a boring space into something magical? "Uplighting", one of the fast growing trends in today’s dj industry, may be just what you’re looking for!

Up lighting is the process of strategically placing lights that project off a space or object. These lights can give a facelift to space by hiding imperfections or adding color and lights. It can also direct attention ala spotlighting to an area or object. But more frequently, uplighting is used to add to the feeling, theme, or color scheme of an event.
Uplighting in a large hall, Great uplighting can make even more “generic” spaces look special…The way that things often work for mobile DJs is that there are a number of equipment services they can offer to clients – and uplighting is an easy one to tackle. But why should a DJ – care about the lights in the rest of the room? It’s the wow factor. The presentation. The enhancement of the venue’s architecture to ultimately give a better experience while providing a certain atmosphere to the event.


What To Look For In Types Of Lights for Uplighting
4*18w mini uplighting
When looking into which and types of lights to purchase, there’s a boatload of options out there.Our recommend use the 4*18w mini uplighting – which at $55/unit are exactly cheap, but they’re well worth it.


Here’s why:
These are completely wireless units, battery life is magnificent, Battery lasting time, Auto running mode ≈ 9-10 Hours, one color ≈ 16 HoursDMX512 wireless, Sound, control, Automatic, Master/Slave, and when used with the wireless / App, you have complete control over your lighting and the show with either your phone
THE 4*18w mini uplighting OF RGBAWUV
RGB stands for “Red, Green, Blue”.  A stands for “Amber”.  W stands for “White”.  UV stands for Ultra Violet.  So an RGBAWUV LED light is made up of Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, & UV LED’s. This, however, does not mean it can only make these 6 colors. and can mix colors inside the fixture. A little bit of red, and a little bit of blue, and now you’ve got purple! That internal mixing of color, allows the lights to produce a wide variety of output colors, just from those 6 base colors.  The other notable difference between our LED lights and some others is that the lights we use do all the “color mixing” inside the lens.  that means that the color that comes out of the light is accurate and true.  There are no “rainbows” with weird color tints on the wall like there are on fixtures that mix the colors externally.


  wireless led wall washer light  
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