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6x18w RGBWA UV 6in1 wireless dmx LED wall washer with WIFI Remote control

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Update time : 2019-04-08 14:40:15
                     6x18w RGBWA UV 6in1 wireless dmx LED wall washer with WIFI Remote control
Classic UV black light effects bar Lightweight, portable unit, totally plug&play. Easy control by on/off switch, high power ultraviolet light unit. Create stunning atmospheres at gigs or parties, works great with UV body paints & fluorescent.Blacklights with 18-watt high-output for the ultraviolet wash. New version uv led replace for standard fluorescent tubes. 360° Adjustable brackets for easy positioning, easy setup on the wall and the floor.wide area cover by UV led: 10x10ft.lights for parties - Total 18W 6LEDs for each uv led bulbs, light up your party 10x10ft area, And wide voltage 110v-240v, more stable and long working time.uv-a level / 395-400nm - blacklight reactive glow in the dark party supplies and paint, no harm to the human body.6LEDs black light bar comes with On/Off switch, lightweight and portable unit, setup easily. And its aluminum alloy casing, the best heat dispersing capability, no need an extra cooling fan.Easy position - With 360°Adjustable brackets, easy install at T-bar, on the wall and floor. Ideal UV led blacklight for the room.The Best light glow party supplies, work great with your any stage lights, birthday, wedding party festivals, art exhibits, plays, and other cultural activities and Halloween celebration.