A Good party vs A Great Party. Great set up with our Starlit Dance Floor!
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A Good party vs A Great Party. Great set up with our Starlit Dance Floor!

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Update time : 2019-09-07 10:14:04
As the recommended Wedding DJ we have a lot of experience working at this venue. Whilst all weddings are unique, there are some aspects that tend to stay the same or at least similar, in a specific venue.

This post will hopefully give you a good understanding of how your event with us should use LED Starlit Dance Floor and what you can expect from us when it comes to your big day and your evening reception.

It’s white/black color, it sparkles, and it is an experience “over” the stars. LED Starlit Dance Floor is the proud owner of our unique  With an array stunning LED's throughout this white acrylic dance floor, the Starlight Dance Floor offers a stunning array of elegance, Light source: 16pcs 5050 patches Lehman brand,Aluminum alloy + Acrylic,IP65 Control mode: SD controller (with DMX, voice control, voice control, remote control), PC controller.sophistication, and a jaw-dropping experience to any wedding, gala, corporate, or private event. These dancefloors are CE Certified.

Our Amazing starlit LED dance floors are perfect for creating the ultimate party atmosphere! We are able to offer, black starlit LED dance floors and white starlit LED dance floors. Our starlit dance floors use a special locking system which ensures that pieces don't come loose during use. The floors are all able to withstand being jumped up and down on by even the largest of guests as well as bottles/glasses being dropped on them.

The design of the starlit floors allows them to be laid in both a square and rectangular shape. This makes them perfect to use as a catwalk for a fashion show or as a walkway for a civil ceremony or awards night. The starlit dance floors have hundreds of LED’s built into them which allow it to produce a twinkling effect.

Our Wireless LED Starlit Dance Floor is by far the most popular here because our gives you a modern, tasteful-looking disco and our LED uplighting allows you to illuminate the room in any color you choose. Adding a splash of color and creating the perfect party atmosphere.

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