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Try our Tri beam 3*10w RGBA wash light l BOTH LIGHTING

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Update time : 2019-07-09 10:34:31
At weddings and other events, some really basic uplighting can make an event feel incredibly more immersive. 

At other events, some really basic uplighting can make an event feel incredibly more immersive. For the use of the stage lighting atmosphere, mainly the uniformity of the use of stage lighting is more covering and use of the use of stage lighting. And the importance of passing the wall washer on the stage; and the use of lighting combined with the needs of modern society and the overall use of the atmospheric effect is easier to protruding
Prior to this, I have covered the importance of signing a contract for a stage show, and some key languages ​​and terms in the contract can legally protect you and your customers. If you haven't read it yet, you can catch it up. I will delve into the next set of important documents that are needed in your business portfolio. These are some of the forms of events.
Stage performances usually allow you to work with new customers in different spaces every weekend. Every customer, whether it is a company event, each customer has their own personal tastes, expectations and needs, which should be met in the music and timeline, as well as some equipment details, because the venues are different. The better you are prepared, the easier and smoother your activities will be, so you can focus on the stage lights and deal with any unexpected changes without sweating.
What To Look For In Types Of Lights for Uplighting/, Of course, choose our wall washer

1.Control Channels: 7, 12 or 15 DMX Channels, Light source 3x10w rgba 4 in 1 led, Total power 90w, Long life led, 60000 hours, The head is adjustable, can change the beam, high and wide, It looks like a beautiful flower. by eye-catching effects with built-in automated programs via Master/Slave, DMX mode,Tri-beam effect ideal for accenting walls and other surfaces, but also can be used to create unique beam effects,for discotheques up-lighting. add excitement to your existing up lighting.  

2. With 3*10w 4 in 1, Tianxin LED in RED, GREEN, BLUE, AMBER COLOR,
3x10w beam led wall washer battery, super beam, even dying, dynamic sound control, colorful and cool world,High brightness led and smooth color mixing,The head is adjustable, can change the beam, high and wide,It looks like a beautiful flowers
3.Suitable for discotheques, clubs, bars, parties, mobile DJs, concerts and so on