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Why choose our smart DJ Uplighting? I BOTH LIGHTING

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Update time : 2019-06-06 15:29:19
Everything you need to know about wedding & event up lighting


1.Built in 2.4G receiver/ transmitter for wireless DMX operations,Battery power & wireless DMX&IR control,Wireless DMX-512 protocol.100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated, quad-color (RGBA) LED Par with built-in WIFI,Built-in glare shield prevents light spillage.Compact and lightweight design easily fits inside sticks of Truss, no site restrictions.Once fully charged, the battery supports continuous talk time up to 6-10 hours with AUTO mode combination of color,Shine light where it is needed using the built-in adjustable kickstand, Extend the battery’s lifespan with built-in discharge protection.
2.With 6*18w smart DJ Uplighting Tianxin LED in RED, GREEN, BLUE,WHITE, AMBER, UV COLORFour-color (RGBA) LEDs come standard with built-in D-Fi transceivers and built-in anti-glare cover to prevent light spills

3.16.7 million kinds of color change, you could Optional conversion color change, color strobe, color dimmer, color gradual change/color jump change, DMX512, remote control, master/slave, auto, sound active, changing to decorate stage and raise party atmosphere , could change with music rhythm.

4.Suitable for discotheques, clubs, bars, parties, mobile DJs, concerts and so on.

What kind of light is good for marriage? What is the role of lighting in the wedding?

1. The essential thing when getting married is the par light, LED light, etc. These lights are the basic lights that must be used for weddings. They are used to embellish or brighten the background. Generally used in the pre-function area and the stage background area, the price is cheap


2, how can the wedding site get less smart DJ Uplighting, generally using smart DJ Uplighting, used to highlight new people or create other effects in the dark. This kind of light can be artificially operated to let the lights follow the newcomers.

3.It is used to render the atmosphere at the wedding. It can be placed on the ground or placed on the shelf. The new person can arrange it as needed. Millions of color change, you could Optional conversion color change, color strobe, color dimmer, color gradual change/color jump change, DMX512, remote control, master/slave, auto, sound active, changing to decorate stage and raise wedding atmosphere.


Smart DJ Uplighting is essential to give you a perfect wedding lighting. Lighting can not only create a romantic atmosphere but also decorate the entire wedding scene to set off newcomers.