Awesome Setup with BOTH LIGHTING
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Awesome Setup with BOTH LIGHTING

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Update time : 2022-04-12 22:21:49
Awesome Setup with BOTH LIGHTING

Awesome setup, it looks amazing. Great job as always my friend --- DJ Victor
Victor always gets the most out of our stage lights, they attract the audience. When the audience is excited, you are doing everything right! Check out the list below to get the best setup for you.
As below:Type1
Equipment:6pcs led pars+2 laser lights+2pcs washer heads+2pcs Cree LED beam
8*10W Cree LED beam moving head bar light RGBW 4in1 Color (LE054B)
7x10w + 48pcs smd 3in1 led  colorful par light(BO-PAR06)
Aura 19x15w RGBW Wash LED moving head light with zoom(AURU1915)
1w RGB full color laser effect ligHT

Video more ntuitive and wonderful, as you can see, when Lighting match music, that create an beautiful and absolutely room, crushed this party!

DJ Victor is professional for DJ set up, he specializes in creating and executing events that set forth an atmosphere full of energy, sophistication, and excitement.
Thanks for his support and always give us many friendly and professional good feedback.

Adding a good set of DJ lights to your stage lighting setup is a great way to get the crowd moving! There are all sorts of different types of DJ lighting depending on the kind of gig you’re getting into.

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